Deer Oaks Document Signature


As a GNT user, an image of your signature is attached to each document that you prepare or approve.  This signature needs to closely replicate your actual signed signature.

To make this a high-quality signature, please follow these steps:

1.       Print this document out.

2.       Sign your signature in the box below (stay in the box!), using a good black pen.

3.       Please ensure to add your credentials at the end (ex: LCSW, PA-C, Psy.D, etc.)


Sign your name in this box:











GNT Clinician ID:  ________________


Name:  ________________________________________


Once complete, please upload this page back into Paycom with your other onboarding documents.

Your signature will be then be approved and uploaded into GNT.  After that, when you sync GNT, it will be copied down to your machine and used in your documents.


If you have any questions, please contact Cassandra Montenegro at (210) 615-3414 or


Thank you in advance.